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2015 [Jan. 3rd, 2015|01:35 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
I regret not remembering how to filter posts or even make hidden entries after the cut, so this whole thing looks like a haphazard forgotten-but-found time machine, but keeping this quiet blog alive after years of semi maintenance is the best decision ever for people with GAD who need to blow off some typewritten steam <3  It's 2015 and I still haven't found a way to shorten my run-on sentences so chop my hands off right now...  I'm going to be 27 in a couple months but I am really fucking scared of growing up.  Seeing my parents becoming old foggies is equally hard and if I could only let them stay the same age forever I would give both my chopped-off hands to the gods </3

I had the most beautiful dream last night of a big stray dog who found me on the road.  I was with two unknown people trying to get an uber (haha) to some unknown place, but it felt like Makati, and she came bounding up to me - this slate-colored neapolitan mastiff/pitbull mix with some dried-up sores of being left alone to fend for herself.  She had a loose deteriorating italian collar around her neck but I knew she was now mine to keep...so I led her by the collar towards the taxi but for some unknown reason there were a few other stray dogs and I let go of her and she just kept walking on and on.  I tried calling her by a made-up name, Popo, and called out to her repeatedly, until a similar dog came to me but it wasn't her so I ignored it : ( she never came back and I woke up : ( it ended sadly but being with Popo in the beginning was the happiest dream ever because if a wild animal were to approach you with love and trust in real life, the world would just be the most beautiful place in the entire universe...

Wildwood [Dec. 10th, 2014|09:36 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
I'm so happy because I found something to read that is stuff of my dreamiest childhood days of yore :') and it's thanks to The Decemberists' singer Colin Meloy :')
He wrote something (in my humble opinion) with clear traces of:
1.  Narnia - the other world, the talking animals like badger, the Governess getting little boy drunk
2.  A Series of Unfortunate Events - the little brother has his own language that his sister can understand, he doesn't have any hair, the murder of crows reference
3.  Maurice Sendak - the maid being of interest in the story and the smoking mastiff both remind me of Higglety Pigglety Pop
4.  The Tree that Sat Down - the giant trees as homes and the language/speech of the book
5.  The Last Emperor - Dowager Governess comes from the Empress Dowager
6.  Restless - Prue draws birds and memorizes their names from a book just like Mia Wasikowska's character
7.  Edward Gorey - Carson Ellis' drawings are like slightly less dark homage to his art
8.  The Book of Lost Things - Dowager Governess reminds me of the witch who sewed animal and human parts together
I am not halfway through but I can't stop gushing already this is really bringing me back to Christmas/Summer/Sembreak of all the happiest young days of my young youth ahhhhhhh <3

Keep quiet [Oct. 21st, 2014|09:34 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
never have i experienced a more annoying chronic back ache than i have been enduring for the past two months

i think my body is trying to tell me something but i can't figure it the fuck out

when we used to write like this without full stops we were doing college papers on philosophy and the Horror Film

but now mostly we just reflect on life and how it has served and taught us well if we ponder on things and think on the things that made us who we are today

i am in a very happy place where my companion expresses the same dreams of growing old and raising offpsring pups who will become our best pals uhuhuhu

and when i look upon my life i am grateful for what it has become and what i am becoming even if i dont know what the fuck i am and what the fuck my back ache is about really

im still grateful, and im still excited, and im still yearning about the past present and future but in controlled doses because i cant type on here every day

one day i will get back my sister's Andrew Lang fairy tale books and draw the runaway horses again fucker

i have to relearn the more after the cut and destroy this ugly potty mouth habit
my back fucking hurts why am i still hereCollapse )

Deepfried Electro [Jul. 1st, 2014|11:19 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
Dear world,

You are filled with terrors that make us appreciate the preciousness of life.  I have the rarest friends in the world--they giggle while cringing in pain when they knock themselves against table corners, and blow out the flames of lighters in the absence of candles with birthday cakes. :') Vada and Marga and Chelchu and Bea are my oldest deepest darkest sources of life and love and laughter, and as long as they are alive everything will be okay.  Today it is clearer than ever that we must not live in the past, but in the present because it is the most precious thing we will ever ever dream to have.

OGOD [Jun. 21st, 2014|09:40 am]
Quaffing Gewey
Of all the mistakes and regretful things I have made and done in my short life, not purging my livejournal is not one of them but trying to visit the past for excessively extended amounts of time prob is one nanaman hehehe see This is a wonderful secret box of mistake-making <3 this is one of my most horrible usernames written in the spring of childhood ignorance <3 I am about to bathe myself in memories of the past and cringe and stuff <3

Dimwitted hobbledehoy [Sep. 26th, 2009|02:12 pm]
Quaffing Gewey

Ralph helped me pimp my blog which means you might want to check it out : }

BUT!!! But, don't expect the entries to be as visionary.  This is where I implore the kind reader to judge the book by its cover, not by anything else : ) : (
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Here is a thought [Sep. 13th, 2009|08:29 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
[Music |Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Bedroom Costume | Powered by Last.fm]

My cousin Paolo owns the coolest fire or whatever escape ladder in the world which I have climbed up and down with glee each time we're at his place.  Every guy likes to try climbing it (it hangs from the ground to the balcony of the second floor) and i am a guy for wanting to but i love climbing over and through the bars at the top and pretending im in Cliffhanger and you get rope burn but it's kind of a nice workout and i have always liked climbing things like pecking orders just kidding. Oh wait i have pictures...  And it's funny hearing the grownups and kids saying IF YOU FALL YOU WILL DIE and I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ORPHAN


ring, bells of joy! [Sep. 12th, 2009|06:56 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
To all and sundry, most of these entries will be public again, ho ho ho!  Life is too short to be all mysterious like Phil Collins' album entitled, No Jacket Required.

Now, we will all bring back the Chicano movement because Life is too short to be like Phil.  We're not even Mexican! Ha ha ha!

We're not Mexican so mea culpa!Collapse )

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Advice Column [Aug. 26th, 2005|02:28 pm]
Quaffing Gewey
[Mood |curiouscurious]

We're all waiting to meet you
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